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Past Winners:
Award Winners:

Terry Champion
Dick Ulrich
Joe Andary
Ray Wendt
Larry Biondo
Tim Den Dooven
Dave Chiola
Andy Delia
Bernie Gonzales
Bill Delia
Dale Kutchey
Tom Tuomi
Jim Cali
Dick Watson
Don Hill 
Nick Midea
Bernard Wells
Don Pluta
Jerry Mulvaine
Bruce Tuomi
Dennis Rutkowsk iDennis Tuomi
Bill Wilson
Steve Szabo
Masaaki Hatta
John Maunu 
Jim Baruzzini

John Kramer
Pete MacKenzie 
Mark Sonnefeld
Doug Klein
Dick Galett
Victor McGuire
Marvin Goodwin
Mark Uhlmann 
Bob Dropp
Kyle Garcia
John Morisette 

Tom Iwanike
John Bassier






Chuck Pleiness
Tom Flynn 
Greg Alessi
Steve Nicholl 
Brett Greene
Scott Bergeron
Joel Ciccone
Dominic Zombo

Greg Mayer
Frank Lafferty
Bob Morrill
Jim Steuf
Bill Witgen
Paul Salyers
Marty Altounian
Grant Syswerda
Jim Peltier
Joe Schmidt
Tom Kroll
Kent Bailo
Carl Barnes
Brandon Day
Greg Woochuck
Vince Trzcynski
Doug & Renee Becker
Rick Julien
Rob Phillips











- Sportsmanship
- Sportsmanship
- Contribution


Rick Julien receiving his award the Macomb County Tournament.

Once a year the All-American Association votes on individuals who have shown great sportsmanship or have made a contribution to the sport of wrestling. These individuals can be a coach, spectator, athletic director or anyone who has been a supporter og high school wrestling by going above and beyond to make this sport better.




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