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Article I – Name:


The name of this organization shall be designated and known as:

All-American Athletic Association. The All-American Athletic Association is an Approved Association by the Michigan High School Athletic Association for the sport of wrestling. In 1991 area officials from the Detroit suburbs saw a need to build consistency in the way we interpret the rules and the development of new officials.  Our members are committed at improving wrestling by officiating, teaching and showing sportsmanship at all times.


Article II – Goals: 

Our goals are: 

            a.        Teach and improve the officiating skills of all of our members.

            b.        Build consistency by members attending informational meetings and getting involved in general discussions.

c.         Gain respect from our peers, area coaches and Athletic Directors.

d.         Enroll new members, either registered officials or individuals who would like to become officials.

e.         To keep our association in the highest standing for the M.H.S.A.A., and keep the status of an Approved Association.

f.          To follow all rules and regulations, for officials by the M.H.S.A.A. and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHSA).


Article III – Membership: 

a.                All active members will:

                                                              i.     Be registered with the M.H.S.A.A. according to their guidelines.

                                                            ii.     Pay dues on a yearly basis as set by the officers and voted on by the membership.

                                                          iii.     Attend meetings required by the All-American Athletic Association. 

b.               Active members are entitled to vote on Association business, and hold office.  

c.                All Honorary members will be non-active officials, who still wish to help in the development of improving officiating and the sport of wrestling.

d.                Honorary members will be approved by majority vote of the active membership.  Honorary members will not be required to pay association dues.

e.         Honorary members are entitled to vote but cannot be elected to office. 

f.          All members shall be involved in voting on any matters related to the Association.     

The General Membership shall:

            1.         Abide by all decisions rendered by the Association.

2.         Be involved in setting the policy of the Association.

3.         Follow the rules of conduct for officials outlined in the MHSAA Officials Guidebook.

4.         Maintain professionalism by working to improve their officiating skills.

5.         Pay Dues as required. Dues are due no later than the second scheduled meeting date. Any new official who joins after the second scheduled meeting date shall be deemed valid and current once their dues are paid.

6.         Attend a majority of the All American Athletic Association meetings, as designated by the President or designee.

7.         Fulfill obligations of officiating contracts.


Article IV - Organization Structure:

The Association consists of the general membership, assignors, trainers and the following four officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Trustee and Treasurer.

 Article V - Duties and Responsibilities of Officers:


            1.         The President shall:

a.         Be our association’s representative at all meetings involving Athletic Directors, School Administrators, the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) and the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS).

b.         Act as our lead negotiator on all fees for our services.

c.         Act as our liaison to resolve payment and other administrative issues between our general membership and the schools that we service.  

d.         Coordinate assignments, as needed, between the general membership, the assignors, and the schools to assure that all wrestling contest dates are covered with an appropriate level official(s).

e.         Hold an initial meeting at the beginning of the season with the assignors to schedule all available contest dates.

f.          Schedule and Chair Association Meetings.


            2.         The Vice President/Trustee shall:

a.         Prepare, in conjunction with the President, an Agenda outlining topics to be discussed prior to each Association Meeting.

b.         Provide the agenda to the general membership prior to the scheduled Association meeting.

c.         Lead discussions during the meeting.

d.         Perform the above mentioned duties of the President when the President is absent or when delegated by the President.

e.         Keep meetings on task in accordance with scheduled agenda items.


3.         The Secretary shall:

a.         Record member attendance at all Association meetings.

b.         Record and distribute minutes outlining all decisions made by the membership during all association meetings, past and present.

c.         Maintain names, addresses, e-mail addresses and current phone numbers of the membership.


4.         The Treasure shall:

a.         Be responsible for a financial report to the Association Members twice a year Bonce at the beginning of the season and once at the end.  This report shall be made available to all members.

b.         Collect dues.

c.         Pay all approved expenditures of the Association.

d.         Approve, with the approval of the officers, all expenditures under $125.00.

e.         Expenditures over this amount shall be approved by the general membership.


Article VI – Resignation:


1.         Any individual who asks to resign their membership from our association will be accepted immediately.


Article VII - Disciplinary Action:

Disciplinary Action:

1.         Any member shall be subject to disciplinary action if that member:

a.         Violates the Code of Conduct for Officials@ set forth in the MHSAA officials guidebook.

b.         Fails to pay or defaults upon their dues.

c.         Fails to attend the required number of Association Meetings.

d.         Fails to fulfill their contract obligations.

e.         Acts unprofessionally while under contract- such as, but not limited to, -

                                       1.         Refusing to work exhibition or JV matches.

2.         Leaving early or arriving late to a contest.

3.         Refusing to work or delaying the scheduled contest while attempting to re-negotiate the contract.


2.         Disciplinary Action will be progressive in nature and can result in Suspension and/or Revocation from the Association and forfeiture of all assigned contests.


3.         The Officers or a designated committee will be responsible for deciding upon the appropriate disciplinary action by a majority vote.


Article VIII - Suspension/ Revocation:


            1.         Any member who fails to meet the requirements of the association,
            including but not limited to default of dues, unreasonable failure to
            attend association meetings, can be subject to suspension and/or

                2.         Any member who violates the ACode of Conduct for Officials@ shall
                            be considered for suspension and/or revocation.

                3.         An official who fails to fulfill the obligation of a contract can be
                            subject to suspension and/or revocation.

                4.         Reinstatement shall be considered after the individual remedies the
                            cause of any suspension.

                5.         Suspensions and Revocations from the All-American Athletic
                            Association will be voted on by all members present at the meeting of
                            the discussed suspension and or revocation. A decision will be reached
                            by a majority vote.

                 6.         Revocations shall last for a minimum of one calendar year and shall
                             require a revoked member to apply for membership and be re-admitted
                             to the association by a vote of the majority of members at any
                             association meeting following the minimum revocation period.

                  7.        Any official who is under current or past suspension/revocation from
              another association shall be required to submit to a vote of the
              association members for admittance to the All American Athletic

 Article IX – Elections:

                  a.         Candidates for an officer position are nominated and voted for a two
                             (2) year term by the general membership at the February association

       b.         No individual can hold more than one officer position during their

       c.         Voting may be by secret ballot and the vote shall be determined by a

       d.         Any special election can take place when necessary and brought to
       the members for a majority vote.

        e.         During the term, the general membership can, at any time, vote an
        existing officer out of office and replace them with another
        nominee.   It must be a 2/3 vote of the membership to relieve an
        existing officer from his currently held position.


 Article X – Meetings:

                     a.         There will normally be five meetings between the months of
                                 November and April.

                     b.         The meeting dates will be determined by the President and
                                 announced by a letter sent to all members in October. These
                                 meetings shall be subject to change if a majority of our members
                                 have a conflict due to a wrestling schedule. A new date shall be
                                 voted on by all members present at the meeting.

                     c.         Besides are five general meetings, there shall be, at least, one
                                 instructional meeting, and one classroom discussion seminar, which
                                 deals with Official’s mechanics.
These additional meetings ashall count
toward qualification of the meeting requirement of members.

                      d.               Veteran officials will aid in the development of new officials.

Article XI - Amendment of Bylaws:


          a.                Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal. The members of the association
          may amend or repeal the bylaws or adopt new by-laws so long as
          the by-laws, as amended or adopted, are not inconsistent with the
          articles of association or with the law. Any by-laws adopted by the
          members may not be altered or repealed by the Officers.

                       b.               These bylaws have been adopted as the bylaws of the association
                                   by a validly and separately convened meeting of the board of
                                   directors and the members.

                        c.                Inspection of Records by Members. All books, records, and lists
                                    of members of the association shall be open to inspection and
                                    examination upon reasonable request for all proper purposes by
                                    any member of the association.

                        d.               Compensation. The compensation of all officers of the association
                                    shall be fixed by the membership. No officer shall be ineligible to
                                    receive the compensation by reason of the fact that he or she is
                                    also a member of the association and receiving compensation for

                        e.                Quorum. A quorum at any annual or special members meeting
                                    shall consist of the members, in person. A quorum shall consist of
                                    51% of the membership entitled to vote for any given year.








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