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Coaches, kids and schools: Wrestling officials are an important part of the sport. We officiate with of our hearts and with pride. We enjoy the sport and would do anything to see its success even battle with what some would say aggressive situations on the mat. This is not only challenging but sometimes heartbreaking. Most of us have wrestling backgrounds and wrestling is in our blood. Let us keep in mind the reasons we serve the sport of wrestling. We are human just like the coaches and kids. We encounter situations that often take their toll, but it is part of the job, and we have to live with our decisions. We come home after tournaments sometimes shaking our heads and wondering how can we improve my skills and the sport. We make phone calls we ask questions "we want to make your sport better" Officiating is not easy, in fact some officials will tell you, its the hardest thing they have ever done. Never forget "we do it for the sport".

Jeorme Angelo
All American Wrestling Association
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