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By Referee Magazine, February 2008

There are 10 areas you must examine carefully - to earn praise, respect and accolades
from you peers.

1. Know the Rules: Take time to thoroughly read the entire rulebook several times.
Each reading attracts attention to a point you may not have thought through completely.

2. Rules Application: Repeatedly reading the rules gives you the book knowledge you need.

3. Fitness: Almost all sports require officials to be in shape - to stay up with the players
and to have mobility and quickness.

4. Ask for evaluations: One underutilized tool is the assessment process. Being evaluated
makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Watch better officials work: Each association has a core of quality officials. A few
may stand out because of their experience and the levels of competition they have
worked. Seek these people out and learn from them.

6. Watch videos if possible.

7. Know proper signals, positioning and mechanics: Knowing the rules is important but
being in the proper position, using standard mechanics and signaling correctly are
crucial. This leads to better game control. Nothing sells a call better than an official
who is in proper position to make the call. Presence leads conviction.

8. Communicate effectively: Communication during a match is crucial to maintain control.
Give clear, crisp signals and vary whistle tones to send the desired message you
wish to convey. Carefully monitor the way you talk to players and coaches. Be aware
of how you speak with your fellow officials as they assist with keeping control og the

9. Work with fellow officials: Nothing is more harmful then not having the officials
working together. Defend and support each other.

10. Benchmark: Find good things your fellow officials do to add to improve your skills.
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